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Get an insight into your LIVE ship and fleet data, detailed fuel consumption and performance reports for safer, more reliable and cost-efficient vessel operation.

Accessible Performance Data in Shipping

With ambitious climate targets to meet, ship owners and operators need access to detailed performance data from all the systems on board their ships to optimise operations. Managing energy in the future will be a core competence for shipping companies; demonstrating this competence will be essential commercially, and hence, shipping will need far better access to data.

Moreover, with increased class requirements for data collection, and the increased need for ESG reporting to banks, insurers, charterers and cargo owners, owners and operators require much better access to their operational data.

The role of Høglund’s Data-Driven Approach in Enhancing Reliability

Høglund’s systems have always been designed in a way that maximises access to data for playback and analysis. Integrated automation systems are the source of rich, accurate operational data - so it makes sense to collect data from the same systems. A vessel’s automation systems are where most shipping data is generated, from individual inputs and outputs.

Turning these signals into useful information has always been at the core of Høglund’s expertise, and few other companies have the same dedicated expertise in this area. By ensuring quality, accuracy, and ease of access to data from the most basic level upwards, Høglund Digital Solutions can ensure trust and reliability in the data that owners, crew, charterers etc. all use to make critical decision.

Høglund Digital Solutions